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"Through exhibiting at Postgrad LIVE we have accessed lots of good quality students."

Jamie Graney, UK Student Recruitment Officer, The University of Liverpool

"We wanted to work with FindAUniversity because as a non-UK institution we found it difficult to enter the UK market and FindAUniversity gave us access to students in the UK."

Matthew Poet, Associate Student Recruitment, Hertie School, The School of Governance in Berlin

"FindAUniversity are really good to work with as they are a personable and friendly team but also very professional. We've found a very collaborative partnership over the years and we enjoy the way they offer their events."

Christine Todd, Head of UK Recruitment, University of Liverpool

"I can't remember how I first met FindAUniversity because it is so embedded as part of the postgraduate sector. The reason for working with FindAUniversity is because everything they do is designed, with the universities in mind and what the universities and students need."

Jane Johnston, Head of Postgraduate Recruitment, The University of Edinburgh

"One of the reasons we've used spotlight emails is to help us not only communicate the benefits of postgraduate study, but the support we're able to provide. We know that the open rates and click through rates are above the benchmark average and have driven traffic to our website and in turn created bookings which have gone on to attend the event. It's fantastic for us and it means we can put a return on investment on that activity."

Chris Brady, UK Marketing Manager, Leeds Beckett University

"One of the key things that stands out for me is that FindAUniversity's have a dedication to ensuring that students find the right postgraduate destination. Their monthly Pulse report is one of the best pieces of insight in the sector because of the current data it provides on what and how students are feeling or what they are considering or not considering, we feed that insight all the way up to the Vice Chancellor of the University."

Elliot Newstead, Associate Director - Future Students, De Montfort University

FindAUniversity are proud to work with over 900+ institutions globally

The University of Helsinki 

“Not only have we experienced seamless interactions and flawless customer service, but we have also forged meaningful relationships with their team. The staff at FindAMasters are reliable, valuable and friendly.” 

Mats Engblom, Marketing Specialist, The University of Helsinki

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University of Helsinki

The Rosalind Franklin Institute 

"Advertising on FindAPhD gives us great exposure for postdoc roles coupled with excellent customer service from the team arranging job postings, thank you!"

Aneta Kingston, Recruitment Specialist, The Rosalind Franklin Institute



The Rosalind Franklin Insitute

Lancaster University 

"Postgrad LIVE Edinburgh, 2024, was the best event of the year for us in terms of serious interest in Lancaster Uni. The location was amazing - easy to get and lots of room around the stands. The FindAUniversity staff are always amazing and such nice people - you always know everything is going to run smoothly with their event."

Jennifer Walker, Postgrad Recruiter, Lancaster University

Lancaster University