Insights from university experts: reflecting on the student recruitment challenges of 2023

Recorded on Wed 13 Dec 2023

This webinar featured a panel of UK university representatives who shared their strategies and advice for effective postgraduate student recruitment as they reflected on 2023 and looked ahead to 2024. Our panel covered a range of topics from hybrid and online delivery, managing rising student costs, progression from undergraduate to postgraduate and considering audience needs when developing engaging and impactful campaigns.

You'll leave this webinar with:

  • Insights on how to develop marketing campaigns to engage prospective postgraduate students
  • An understanding of how to approach marketing postgraduate courses to a global audience
  • Information about which platforms have proven effective in 2023 in reaching and resonating with a postgraduate student audience.

This session was delivered by Rebecca Barritt from Edge Hill University, Beth Pearson from University of Lincoln, Alice Brereton from University of Bristol and Andrew Cooper from University of Liverpool. Andrew is also Vice Chair Membership & Administration at HELOA, which is a professional association of Higher Education staff. 


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Meet the speakers 

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Rebecca Barritt is Postgraduate Student Recruitment Manager at Edge Hill University. Rebecca has been working in Student Recruitment for five years, initially in undergraduate recruitment, before moving into postgraduate recruitment earlier this year. She is based at Edge Hill University in the North West, as Postgraduate Student Recruitment Manager, focusing predominantly on the recruitment of Home students to postgraduate taught, research and teacher training courses.

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Beth Pearson is Postgraduate Manager at University of Lincoln. She has over two decades of experience in Higher Education marketing and recruitment. As a Postgraduate Manager at the University of Lincoln, Beth's expertise lies in developing integrated marketing campaigns that effectively engage prospective students, increase enrolment rates, and enhance brand reputation. Throughout Beth's career, she has successfully navigated the ever-evolving landscape of higher education marketing, staying ahead of industry best practices and emerging trends.

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Alice Brereton is Postgraduate Recruitment Manager at University of Bristol. Alice has ten years’ experience in the education sector, having specialised in Home postgraduate student recruitment since 2017. Alice has also a wealth of experience delivering successful virtual and on-campus events in addition to implementing a range of data informed strategies and conversion activity.

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Andrew Cooper is Hybrid Delivery Coordinator at University of Liverpool and Vice Chair Membership & Administration at HELOA. Andrew has worked in Higher Education for over ten years and has worked for various institutions. His current role supports the University of Liverpool’s hybrid delivery plan and Andrew leads on PG and International activities within this area. In addition Andrew is the Vice Chair Membership & Administration with HELOA and has recently supported activities for PG colleagues through professional development conferences and supporting the creation of a new forum in collaboration with FindAUniversity.