Postgraduate Marketing Webinar - Psychological Safety And Your Path To Success

Recorded on Tue 27 Feb 2024

Today, more than ever before, it is vital that you can bring your whole self to the workplace and encourage others to do the same. But how can you do this effectively in universities which have such varied and complex webs of internal and external stakeholders, and ever-changing priorities?

In this webinar, experienced leader and Higher Education expert, Vicky Hayhurst, takes you through research-based tools and practical methods to help you to be part of, and to create, high performing teams in your institution. 

Unlock your full potential and bring authenticity to your professional environment. Explore personal brand development, including crafting and shaping perceptions, and learn techniques for building resilience to navigate challenges effectively.

Tailored for higher education professionals, regardless of role, delve into the importance of psychological safety and master execution and priority management in strategic and operational plans.

Here's what you'll gain from this on-demand webinar:

  • insights into the powerful effects of creating psychological safety in the workplace
  • tried and tested strategies to effectively plan and deliver
  • methods and examples of how to build or improve your personal resilience
  • thoughts on how you can develop your own personal brand to help you influence stakeholders.

This webinar was delivered by Vicky Hayhurst from Hayhurst & Co.


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Vicky Hayhurst is the Founder & CEO of Hayhurst & Co. Bringing 23 years of marketing project management experience as a skilled strategist, company director, and certified workplace coach, Vicky has excelled in both private and public sectors, particularly leaving her mark in Higher Education. Her background in change management at the University of Salford and Leeds Beckett University, along with collaborations with over 100 institutions, has honed her expertise in understanding the challenges faced by universities. Vicky's impactful professional journey also encompasses significant roles at agencies, such as Revolution Viewing and Education Cubed.