How much does a Masters scholarship actually need to be?

Recorded on Tue 25 Jul 2023

Scholarships, fee discounts and other funding awards do so much more than attract prospective applicants. They also diversify recruitment, enable widening participation and support people from all backgrounds to study and succeed at Masters level.

This is some of the most important work marketing and recruitment does and perhaps the most important work to target effectively.

Unfortunately, a lack of data on the value of awards across the sector makes it difficult to evaluate your funding in relation to competitor offerings or student need.

This webinar was a step towards (finally) changing that, giving you a chance to:

  • Understand the value of Masters funding: We explored the unique dataset of UK funding awards on, delivering brand new insights into the typical value of awards and discounts across subject areas, mission groups and audiences. We also looked at some trends for average PGT scholarship value over time.

  • See how university funding fits into the broader economics of postgraduate study: We gave an overview the broader economic context for Masters students in 2023, including fee trends, fee expectations and the peculiarities and pitfalls of the UK postgraduate loan system; ensuring you and your team are able to effectively engage and support prospective students.

  • Change all of this for the better: Yes, really. We wanted to show you the data we have and explain how you can help us improve it, working together towards the kind of transparency neither students nor universities have ever had before.


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Mark Bennett (1)    

Dr Mark Bennett is Director (Audience and Editorial) at FindAUniversity, ensuring our FindAMasters and FindAPhD platforms are as useful as possible to prospective postgraduates and that our understanding of this audience helps guide and support the universities we work with. Leveraging our unique data and insights, Mark regularly presents on postgraduate marketing, recruitment and policy topics, having previously spoken at events organised by CASE Universities Marketing Forum (UMF), HELOA, NAGAP, ContentEd, the UK Council for Graduate Education (UKCGE), Westminster Forum and others. Mark taught at multiple UK universities prior to joining FindAUniversity and holds in a PhD in gothic literature from the university of Sheffield; he still struggles to convince his kids that ghosts aren’t real.