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We know as a sector we dodged a bullet with the Migration Advisory Committee review results, but the difficulties aren't necessarily over yet! With the upcoming UK election, Charley Robinson, Head of Global Mobility at UUKi and Maree Perkins, Head of Student Engagement and Development at FindAUniversity, looked at where we've been, what the current landscape looks like for international recruitment into the UK, and what could be coming around the corner.

You'll leave this webinar with:

  • an in-depth understanding of what we’re seeing in the sector based on international student enrolment trends and visa applications
  • the latest data on how international students are behaving through search trends
  • how the #WeAreInternational campaign is helping
  • what the future holds for policy with the upcoming UK election.
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Meet the speakers 

Charley Robinson    

Charley Robinson is Head of Global Mobility at UUKi. Charley joined Universities UK International in December 2021, where they lead initiatives in international student recruitment and international experience. With a career in international higher education that began in 2007, Charley has held roles spanning student recruitment, partnerships, and outward student mobility. Before joining Universities UK International, Charley led the international student recruitment and global opportunities teams at Goldsmiths, University of London.    


Maree Perkins is Head of Student Engagement & Development at FindAUniversity. Maree joined FindAUniversity in 2021, originally working on our B2B content. With over a decade of higher education experience from a number of universities, she jumped over the fence into a more student-focused role in the company and is now heading up the Student Engagement Team. She’s all about championing postgraduate study, promoting the highs, lows and everything in between, to help potential students make an informed and honest decision about their next steps.